Why Purchase Vehicle Tires at Tire Rack?

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Do you need a new set of tires or wheels for your car, but are surprised by the high prices?  Visit Tire Rack, the tire experts who will help you in your search for the best tires.  They have a huge stock of tires that includes Michelin, Goodyear, Pirelli, etc.  They also have wheels, performance parts and other necessities such as batteries, brakes and wipers in their warehouse that are reasonably priced.  The company’s success started in 1979 with customer satisfaction as its guiding principle.  They offer remarkable discounts and deals to customers through coupon codes and links.

Customers get a quick response for their queries, free advice and precise tire fittings from their proficient group of experts who had trained in this aspect.  Their promo codes are generally brand specific that contain cash back credit cards on your purchase of more than four (4) tires.  What is good in their website is you get to study and evaluate their products carefully before placing an order.  Tire Rack is regarded as the major website that sells discount tires containing complete information about tire dimensions and its manufacturers.  All orders are already balanced and installed prior to delivery.  You have the choice of having a proficient installation technician to install your tires or choose to install it yourself.

Tire Rack special rebates and deals include a coupon code.  You only have to enter it into their website upon ordering.  Your location does not matter; so whether you live in California or the great Northwest, you can purchase tires, wheels, brakes, car lights or other automotive performance accessories from them via www.tirerack.com.  You can get wheels replacement or augment them to a more premium set.  All you have to do is click on the coupon codes and get a considerable amount of discount on your purchase.

Shopping for Auto Parts and Accessories with JC Whitney Coupon Code

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JC Whitney’s record of providing customers their needed auto parts and accessories is unquestionable.  A hundred years has honed the company’s sensitivity to provide the precise needs of its customers.  This concern was better strengthened with the JC Whitney coupon code.

What sets JC Whitney apart from other online auto parts stores?

  • ·         They provide you the correct part and the perfect fit.  It has over 1.2 million auto parts for more than 25 million types of vehicles.  They sell over a hundred thousand accessories for more than 6 million vehicles.
  • ·         The items are low priced.  The price is 50% lower compared to other auto stores and if you get to have a JC Whitney coupon code, you can buy the auto part for an even lower price!
  • One year guarantee on your orders.  JC Whitney wants their customers to have peace of mind.  If you are not happy with the auto part that you purchased, return it and get a refund or exchange it.  This offer is good for one year.
  • Friendly and knowledgeable customer service.  More than 200 well-trained customer service representatives attend to your queries and other concerns.  They serve you 24/7, are friendly, well-informed and eager to help you.
  • Fast delivery on your orders.  JC Whitney understands their customer’s need for a prompt and fast delivery and assures you of getting it.  A well-organized and well-stocked warehouse makes this possible.  FedEx shipping option is also offered.
  • Convenient shopping. There is no need hop from one auto store to another, spend on gasoline or endure traffic.  Shopping is easier, as you can do it in the comfort of your home at your own convenience.

Using the JC Whitney coupon code gives you a reason to smile knowing that you are well taken care of and get the most competitive price for auto parts and accessories.

Top Tires for your Jeep: Super Swamper makes the list

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Like all other things around us, the technological advancement of automobiles and parts has progressed with time. Particularly, tires are being redesigned in innovative ways to meet the demand of different types of people. There are a wide range of tires for driving on various roads. This ongoing advancement in the automobile industry is marked with increase in options for buyers. People can now choose accessories to meet not only their needs but also their style. There are many companies that produce these tires but amongst known companies are Mickey Thomson Truck Tire, pro Comp Tires and Super Swamper Tires.

Mickey Thomson Tire Company manufactures Mickey Thomson truck tires. The company was founded in 1963 and has been producing superior quality products ever since. The company’s business revolves around tires and wheels. They design and distribute them all around the world. The company focuses mainly on innovation and creates high end products. It is located in Ohio and California, in United States. Some well known products are Baja claw non radial, radial Baja claw, Baja belted and Baja radial MTZ.

A Pro Comp wheel is another leading manufacturing company for tires. It was established in 1992. The company is known for making outstanding tires, wheels and other products for off roaders. Most tires offered by the company are packed with features. When a vehicle is equipped with them, the vehicle becomes powerful and the driving experience in certain terrains is enhanced. In spite of all the fancy features that Pro comp and Mickey Thompson tires have, customers love Super Swamper tires more.

Super Swamper Tires has balanced quality with reasonable and affordable prices. Super swamper tires are designed such that they can tolerate any road conditions and friction against concrete longer than other car tires. These tires demonstrate extraordinary performance and grip. The unusual sturdiness has been made possible by its slip-resistant edges and tempered steel rims.  Interco Tire Corporation is the company that manufactures these amazing tires. It is located at Louisiana and has successfully made a place for themselves in the heart of customers by providing each one of them with exactly what they needed. Interco Tire Company focuses on design and product development. The company has a patented 3 Stage Lug tread design (TSL). TSL presents proper traction on rough road conditions. Some very popular products that the company has produced are Super Swamper TSL Bogger, Super Swamper TSL/SX and Super Swamper radial TSL. They have something for everyone. The Super swamper tires not only enhance the appearance of a truck but also add to the physical power of the vehicle. The company has excelled in satisfying their customers with premium quality tires at a very reasonable price.

Looking to purchase Jeep parts and accessories online? Visit these top online retailers today: Quadratec, 4WD, 4WheelParts, JC Whitney, Auto Anything, and Auto Parts Warehouse.

Advance Auto Parts Special Deals for January 2014

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These are limited time offers that will expire soon but offer some of the most incredible savings on the aftermarket parts available on advanceautoparts.com. The company caters for both the DIY enthusiasts and professionals carrying out repair maintenance or customizations on their Jeep vehicles. Customers can use the promo code DE31 to redeem the deal on checkout but there are some special conditions for redeeming these deals. For example, the buyer must have an account with advanceautoparts.com.  The promotion applies only to those orders scheduled for home delivery and in-store deliveries.  This special deal lasts up to the month of February and customers can save $25 or $50 on all their future online orders.

This is a standalone offer so you cannot combine it with other Advance Auto Parts coupons, vouchers or promo codes. Couponing enthusiasts are bound to do this to amass extra savings but it doesn’t apply in this instance. The promo codes available on the portal are also not applicable on the clearance sale items. For the regular-priced merchandise available on advanceautoparts.com, however, the promo codes are applicable. Check out the Advance Auto Parts Twitter profile @aapdeals for daily updates on the latest deals available on the site.

Promotional codes on the site earn you a maximum of $50 in total savings. Other savings opportunities include the buy one get one free offer, the oil special deals and the 2-for-1 deals available on the site.  Some of the items on the site are however excluded from the offer. Customers can only qualify for the $25 promotional offer when they make orders of $50 and above.  The Advance Auto Parts special deals also include generous free shipping on orders greater than $75. Check out the site and save big on your next order for the off-road replacement  parts for DIY or professional customizations on your vehicle.

Replacing your clutch

replacing your clutch

Every part of your vehicle has a life span and after that life span, you have to discard or get it repaired. One such part is the clutch and once it goes bad you should think about replacing it. There is no predetermined time limit in order to know the life of the clutch. It depends on many factors, like the how much you use it, the way you use it, the terrain through which the vehicle travels normally etc.  The only way is to check the quality of the clutch and determine whether it is time to replace it. The professional technicians at Advance Adapters will be happy to do this service for you. One identifying symptom is the incapacity of the gears to engage when you hit the clutch.

We all know that the basic function of the clutch is to switch the gears. So, if you experience difficulty during this process, then it needs replacement. A clutch takes years to become worn out, but such situations cannot be ignored. Clutches should be replaced by experts as it is risky and time consuming process. This is because the main job involved is to extract and stop the transmission so as to gain an access to the clutch.  The clutch replacement procedure is quite difficult if you have to change it on a four wheel drive vehicle. For safety purposes, you should remember to initially remove the gearbox and only then proceed to the replacement.

Going About It

If you are an experienced person or an adventurous type, you can go ahead and replace the clutch. You can also go to the nearest garage and get it fixed. Another interesting option would be to bring a professional clutch replacement technician and study what they do. If you plan to do on your own, it is fun. Remove all the necessary bolts, loosen all those connections and hoses and windshield. Finally you go further down and arrive at the stub shaft. This component enables the flow of power supply all the way from the clutch to the final spot in the transmission.

Now it is advisable to remove the radiator at this phase. Once that hindrance is cleared it is time to remove the crank shaft and the clutch plate. Do not hurry as they have to be taken out from a very narrow space. Take it out, and insert in the new clutch. Remember to keep on taking photos or writing the procedure as you removed and disconnected each part. So follow that and keep going in the reverse order till all the parts are fit in perfectly. This is an easy job but if it is not done well it can surely bring your vehicle to a complete standstill.

Things you should always have in your Jeep

jeep wrangler parts

As every true Jeeper knows there are certain Jeep essentials that should be in your Jeep at all times.  Let’s talk about a few of them briefly.

Safety Kit

Every vehicle, Jeep or not, should have a safety kit in the vehicle at all times.  Generally they will have things in them such as jumper cables, reflectors to put out on the road so that you will be visible and nobody will hit you, a sign to put in your window to call the police, a small flashlight as well as other items.  There are many different types of these kits available and each one will have pretty much the same things with only a few variations.

First Aid Kit

A Jeeper is happiest off the beaten path.  Many times when they are in their off road paradise they are too far away to get medical attention if the need arises.  It is always smart to include a small first aid kit in your Jeep essentials.  If you have allergies to insect bites or are diabetic then having a first aid kit with the proper contents could be the difference between living and dying on the trail.


You may have a winch on your Jeep and you may not but rope is always a good thing to have.  You never know when you may get stuck or you may come across someone else who is stuck and if you have rope then you always have a way out.

Battery Charger

Most safety kits will have jumper cables in them but what happens when you are out on the trail and there is nobody around to jump you off?  If you keep a good battery charger that is fully charged in your Jeep at all times then you won’t have to worry about being stuck and waiting for help to come along.

Jack and Spare Tire

Every vehicle needs to have a jack and a spare tire but especially a Jeep.  Our tires go where most tires don’t and they tend to get more wear and tear in the process.  If you do not want to be stuck out on the trail with a flat then you will make sure that you have these Jeep essentials with you.

Gas Can

When you go off road you might want to have a spare can of gas on the off chance that you run out and are nowhere near a gas station.

All of the items we just talked about (with the exception of gas) can be found at your local big box store or parts house.  None of them are outrageously expensive and all of them could keep a bad day from being much worse.

To purchase aftermarket Jeep accessories online, we highly recommend 4WD as your Jeep parts store. They not only offer great customer services but also the most competitive pricing in the business.

Jeep T-Shirt Designs For Men

jeep t shirt

The Jeep brand is a manly car. Its bulk frames and very intimidating colors scream masculinity and pride. This is what the Jeep brand delivers to the public. The popularity of the Jeep brand is branching out to men’s t-shirt apparel and is now an in-demand t-shirt similar to those being sold by Tap Out. Shown below are some of the most coveted t-shirts with Jeep designs.

Jeep’s Classic Grille Print

Who wouldn’t buy a cotton t-shirt with a classic Jeep grille print. This unique logo is being printed on manly shirts. Men and teens alike are a fan of these shirts; you see them use it when they go to the mall and other recreational areas. Indeed, a classic grille print shirt is a hot commodity item.

The Jeep Body Print

Not only is the Jeep grille a classic t-shirt print, but the sketch of the Jeep as well is a popular t-shirt design. Whether it’s a sketch of the side view of the Jeep body or the entire body sketch, a print on it on the front shirt places an artsy design on an otherwise plain t-shirt. Another artistic modification that’s being applied to the Jeep body print is to draw a picture of an off road Jeep. This is also a very hot design for a manly t-shirt. Indeed, the classic Jeep body print makes a perfect artsy design.

The Types of Shirt

What’s good about a manly shirt is that it can be designed as a regular t-shirt or a sleeveless tee. Jeep even has a distressed t-shirt quality, ideal for the outdoorsy man. The quality of Jeep t-shirts, like its off road vehicles is made of 5 star rating, no wonder majority of the male population is starting to be a fan of the Jeep apparel made specifically for men.

Double X Striker for Front Modular Bumper

Double X Striker for Front Modular Bumper

We all need a bumper on our vehicles.  There are many reasons for this necessity.  First of all, the vehicle looks funny without one.  Secondly and more important a bumper offers protection not just for your vehicle but also for yourself and for anyone else who may be in the vehicle with you.  Thirdly, depending on what type of vehicle you have and what type of bumper you get, you can actually use bumpers for a number of different things.  I know we don’t tend to think of bumpers as an important piece of a vehicle (if we think much about them at all) but they really are.

Today we will take a look at two of the Double X Striker series.  These are both for a modular front bumper and whether you are looking specifically for Jeep bumpers or just a bumper for a truck, these bear a second look.

All Terrain Double X Striker Mini Stinger

This is another in a series of great products brought to you by Rugged Ridge.  Any Jeeper who is worth his salt is aware of the quality of Rugged Ridge products.  This is a steel bumper add on.  It adds not only a more rugged style to your vehicle but it also has the benefit of giving your grille as well as your winch (if you have one) more protection against impact.  It will fit modular bumpers such as the aluminum XHD bumper or the all-terrain bumper.  Another feature of this is that it is fitted to be able to take D ring shackles of the ¾’’ size.  It comes to you with a 5 year warranty on it that only has a few limitations.  You can add this double X Striker to your rig for a little more than $300.

Double X Striker

This is yet another great product from Rugged Ridge.  Newbies to the Jeep world should remember the name Rugged Ridge because you will be hearing it frequently and you will want their parts and accessories on your rig.  This product is black and made from steel.  It will be a perfect fit on a modular bumper such as the XHD bumper.  This is a great way to add protection to not only your bumper but also to that all important winch.  This will only take around 2 hours to install and comes to you with a 5 year limited warranty.  You can add this beauty to your rig for less than $300.

You can view these and all of the other parts and accessories they make right on the Rugged Ridge web site.  While you are there, you can also find out how and where to find Rugged Ridge parts and accessories in a store near you.

Truck Shock Absorbers

bilstein 5100 shocks package

Have you ever been in a vehicle and felt like you were riding in a truck?  That must be a truck that was not equipped with Bilstein shocks.  Bilstein shocks are the best that you can get and when you put them on your truck you will feel like you are riding on a cloud no matter how far off the road you may be.  It doesn’t matter what type of truck you have either because Bilstein makes shocks for all sorts of trucks, cars, SUVs and even motorhomes.

For trucks Bilstein shocks are 4600 series, 5125 series, 5150 series, 5160 series, 5165 series, 6100 series, 7100 series, 9100 series, 9300 series and the Bilstein 5100 series shocks.

We don’t have time today to talk about all of these shocks so we will just quickly gloss over one or two here.

4600 Series – Light Truck/SUV

If you have a light truck or SUV and that vehicle has been kept at the factory height then this might be the shock you need.  Every Bilstein shock is made using the technology that is of the monotube gas pressure type.  That is because it was invented and perfected by Bilstein.  The shocks are easy to install and only require bolting on without any modification required to either the shock or your vehicle.  When you use this shock you will get the control, stability, handling, performance and comfort that you expect from Bilstein and do not get with any other brand.

5125 Series – Universal Fit Shocks

The disc valving in this shock is not only deflecting but it is also self-adjusting.  It features a piston of the high flow variety in order to insure that you get harshness at a reduced rate.  The tuning on this shock has not only an independent rebound but also an independent compression.  The working area for this shock includes a working area for the piston that is larger than most other shocks.  This means that the damping you get is precise.  If you have larger wheels and tires on your truck then you might like the fact that this particular shock gives you the maximum amount of control available through a shock for your wheels and tires.  If you need this shock for an application that is custom then you can actually get this shock in travel lengths that are adjustable. This particular shock brought to you by the minds at Bilstein has been designed so that you get a long life from it as well as a consistent performance that will not fade.

As stated in the opening of this article, Bilstein has many other shocks that have been designed specifically for trucks.  Take a look at their web site to check them out.

Daystar Lift Kits: An Overview

daystar 4 inch lift kitsYou may or may not have heard of Daystar before but regardless of that Daystar has been making quality parts and accessories for the off road world since 1977.  In the intervening years they have truly made an outstanding reputation on not only the price of their products but more importantly on the quality of them.  If you have actually used Daystar products then you will know what I am talking about.  If you are not familiar with them then this article is for you.

Today we will focus on lift kits offered by Daystar although they do have an entire line of other parts, products and accessories.

What is a Lift Kit?

Lift kits are parts/accessories that are manufactured and sold to the public as after-market parts/accessories.  The term after-market refers to anything sold for a vehicle that is added to the vehicle after the vehicle is purchased from the dealer.  The purpose of a lift kit is to raise the amount of ground clearance a vehicle has by adding anywhere from ½’’ to 1’ of height to the both the front and the rear of the vehicle.  This also gives the vehicle owner the ability to add larger wheels and tires if they desire.  If the person is an avid off road driver then the added ground clearance will be especially appreciated.

Daystar Lift Kits

Daystar Lift Kits come as a system.  They will all include some basic essentials but depending on which one you get there may be added parts that will differ from kit to kit.  Basic items that are included in all of them are things like shackles, blocks, add-a-leafs, U bolts, as well as coil spring spacers.

Now let’s take a quick look at a specific kit.


This is a lift kit that is specifically for a Jeep….the 97-06 TJ Wrangler to be exact.  With this kit you will get not only a 1’’ lift for the body but you will also get a 3’’ lift for the suspension.  You will also get included in this kit 2 sets of Scorpion shocks.  Other items in this kit are the coil spring spacer which comes as a kit, coil spacers for both the front and the rear, brackets for the track bar, bump stops that are screw in and a transfer case drop.  One other thing that bears mentioning about this lift kit is that it comes backed by a lifetime warranty.

I should also mention here that unless you are a qualified vehicle parts installer that you should truly have these kits installed by a professional who not only has the know how to do this install safely and correctly but also the tools to see it done right.